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Larry Warner
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There are various styles of retreat. The style that we offer and design is the 'reflective retreat'. Reflective Retreats are designed to help the participant attend to God. The sessions seek to provide ways to experience God and help people remember and know that God is with them. This form of retreat is not speaker, knowledge or people driven. The leader is a guide, not a teacher; the group times are minimized and the alone time is maximized. Times of silence and solitude abound. Although an overall structure exists, an emphasis is placed on flexibility and freedom. Each participant is encouraged to be still and uniquely experience and know God. The use of scripture and various spiritual readings form the basis for reflection during the times of silence. Though Reflective Retreats are admittedly difficult for some, we have found time and time again that those who actively participate enjoy the experience and hear from God. At 'b' we believe God is true to Himself and His word. If we provide people with opportunities to seek God, those who do will be found by God and grow in their passion for God.

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