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Journey with Jesus Videos

The following videos are intended for those who are beginning their journey through the Spiritual Exercises using the book Journey with Jesus and for those considering embarking on the journey.

Just click on the letter or title below and the video will play.

Content of Videos

Start Here: Introduction to Videos
A and B: Is this journey for you (p. 9-23)
C, D and E: Daily elements of the Journey (p. 24-43)
F and G: Tips for your journey (p. 44-53)
H: God Loves You (p. 57-77)
I and J: Principle and Foundation (p. 78-100)
K. Introduction to Week 1 (p. 103-117)
L. Rules of Discernment: Week 1 (p. 109-115)
M. Introduction to Week 2 (p. 143-147)
N. Week 2 - Additional Exercises (p. 147-154)
O. Lord's Prayer: Hand Motions
P. Rules of Discernment: Week 2 (p. 150-154)
Q. Introduction to Week 3
R. Introduction to Week 4
Consolation and Desolation
The Prayer of Examen
Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly

For mobile devices, go to:http://vimeo.com/user19479301/videos/page:1/sort:date