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What is a Christian?

This is not a musing but a question I invite like you to spend some time pondering and then answering in 25 words or less. "What is a Christian?" I think this is a harder question to answer than it appears to be at first glance. Do you define a Christian but what they do, they do not do? Do you define a Christian on the basis of a certain creed or belief system? Is a Christian an individual who prayed a prayer at a point in time? What is the place of internal belief and/or outward actions in the definition? Sometimes it appears that we Christians can easily determine who is not a Christian but what about defining what a Christian is. So there you go spend some time defining what you believe a Christian is and when you are done take some time to consider how Jesus might define a Christian. If you choose to engage in this endeavor I would love to read what you have come up with. If you are okay with that I would ask you to email your definition to Larry@b-ing.org
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