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The Penny

You who know me also know that God and I play a game which I call the penny game. I have played this game for decades. The game involves me coming across a penny (could be nickel, dime quarter…but usually a penny) in my travels. When I spot a coin I bend down, pick it up, and declare Jehovah Jireh—the Lord (will) provides. These found coins remind me of God’s goodness, provision, and that every good thing comes from heaven above. 


Well, the other day, I was walking around a beautiful park near where I live. You can see the ocean from one side and the mountains from the other. Anyway, during my walk I found a penny. I bent down, picked it up and declared Jehovah Jireh and stuck it in my pocket. But that was not the end of it for I began to ponder the circumstances surrounding me finding this coin. You see, I found this coin on my third trip around the park. I did not find it the first time around, nor the second time but on the third time around the park. I had stepped right over it two previous times.


This was surprising to me as I tend to quickly spot coins. Upon reflection I remembered the presence of a large bright orange object about a foot from the penny. And then it hit me—BAM! An insight surfaced, a cautionary tale. Each time around it was the bright orange sphere—which I now believe was one of those large round cheese-it balls you buy in gigantic plastic containers at Walmart—that caught my attention and not the object which would immediately center my heart and mind on the presence and goodness of God. My eyes were not drawn to that which had value but that which was valueless.  This was a timely reminder regarding my propensity toward distraction—the bright shiny objects of this world— those things I can taste, see, and touch. Such things draw my eyes and heart from Jesus, making it difficult to live Jesus, be true to my vocation, to be salty salt and a bright shinning life-giving-light. Upon this realization I once again declared JEHOVAH JIREH. God had provided me a timely and needed reminder.   


What about you? What role do distractions play in your life? What are your ‘go to’ distractions that lead to mindlessness rather than remaining in Jesus—living a life true to the person God has created and called you to be? Please remember this is NOT about condemnation but an awareness that can lead to the fulness of living a God-focused, Christ-centered, Spirit-led life.


NOTE: Monthly Musing is a ministry of b. Please feel free to pass these on or make use of them as you see fit.


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