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Two years ago this week (May 25, 2020) the country watched a black man lynched by a police officer while other police officers stood around, while a crowd cried out for mercy, while George Floyd called for his mother and choked out the words; I CAN’T BREATHE. 


The murder of George Floyd. along with the murders of Breonna Taylor, Daniel Prude, Rayshard Brooks, Andrew Brown Jr., Adam Toledo…ignited a passionate plea for justice, a calling out of systemic racism and white privilege. 


Blacks and whites marching, standing together, challenging the system. It was a powerful time but two years later many have forgotten what transpired even as 10 blacks are gunned down at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York and the white suspect is taken into custody—very much alive. 


As a reminder of what happened two years ago and the ongoing need for justice and the dismantling of the institutional structures of racism/white supremacy I am offering my book Awake and Aware as a free ebook from May 22-27. 

I hope you my click on this link and read and ponder the poems in this book. These poems where written over a five year period.




Blurb about the book


In a time when the consciousness of the nation and the world is at unrest, Larry Warner mixes satire with truth, to draw the conscious mind of his reader toward reality. Larry reminds us all to take a closer look inward. The potency of his writings intimates that we can no longer escape nor ignore the truth of racism.

May Larry’s words create a spark in our hearts that stimulates a sense of urgency to be true to our faith, our God, and the tenets of our country.

Brenda Darby, MA, author of Can We have the Conversation?


Three Reviews


This book, Awake and Aware: Poetic Ponderings on Racism, by Larry Warner, is a must read. It’s a great book of poetry that gets one thinking and opens hits you right in the heart to the racism our country is encountering. Very thought provoking and some even brought tears to my eyes. Enjoyed reading it with my teenage son who loved it as well.



Larry Warner's beautiful little book of verse has opened my heart to the experience of Black Americans. Having grown up in the segregated South I long ago became aware of the injustices that are the legacy of our country's history with slavery and racism. Reading one of Larry's poems a day in a reflective way has helped to expose my own unrecognized prejudices. For those who have confronted the difficulties of having honest and open conversations about race with white Americans this book can bypass the unconvinced head and penetrate straight to the heart. I commend it to every open-minded person, and maybe some who are not. Read it slowly.



This is an uncomfortable book. Graphic imagery bolstered by adroit use of poetic devices. Personal and global/universal perspectives conjoined in no punches pulled narrative. Author Larry Warner is not your typical commentator. A white man of faith, former police officer who feels and thinks deeply. In this heartfelt book, he makes his journey ours. It's well worth the trip.




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