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eBook Release of AWAKE & AWARE



My latest book, Awake & Aware is available for pre-order, only as an ebook, for $6.95. On September 15, with the release of the paperback, the ebook price will go up to $7.95.  


This book is the outflow of a five-year journey that God has taken me on that started with the death of Alton Sterling in the summer of 2016. It is a book of poems focused on issues of racism. 


From the Back Cover


In this small but powerful book, Author, Larry Warner, poetically explores the history and present realities of racism. His poems arise from his personal journey of as well as historical and contemporary events. He fixes his gaze on the country, the church, the politicians, the police, holding up a mirror—inviting the reader on their own personal journey of exploration around the racial realities grounded in the past but bleeding into the present.


In a time when the consciousness of the nation and the world is at unrest, Larry Warner mixes satire with truth, to draw the conscious mind of his reader toward reality. Larry reminds us all to take a closer look inward. The potency of his writings intimates that we can no longer escape nor ignore the truth of racism.

May Larry’s words create a spark in our hearts that stimulates a sense of urgency to be true to our faith, our God, and the tenets of our country.

Brenda Darby, MA, author of Can We have the Conversation?


About the Author

Larry Warner is the author of five books and his poems have appeared in A Year in InkSan Diego Poetry Annual, Thieving Magpie and Fines Lines. In recent years he has come to appreciate the power of poems to inform and form the hearts and minds of those desiring to know and do better concerning the issues that confront our culture and communities. Larry has been married forty-two years has four children and six grandchildren. He lives in Oceanside, California.  




PS If you purchase the book and find it helpful regarding reflecting on issues of racism and living Jesus—please go to amazon.com and leave a positive five star comment. THANKS!  


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