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Unfriended: A Poem to Ponder

The other day I had a friend on Facebook unfriend me. This person was not the type of Facebook friend that I had never met except online but someone I had done life with, someone I had known for decades, someone Donna and I have had dinner with—this was a real life friend. 


It was not the first person that has unfriended me, stopped supporting b because of my posts, and I am pretty sure it will not be the last but for some reason this unfriending lead to me writing the poem below. 

This poem in some ways is my prayer that I will not write people off, step away from conversations, that I will be able to listen to difficult truths. 

As you read the poem below what might God be speaking to you.



Suddenly they're gone

fingers in ears 

eyes now closed— 

not the first

currently, the last

in a long line of individuals

who have left

unfriending, un-supporting, un-engaging

decades old relationships

discarded, severed 

friends no more

their parting words 

“Your posts make me so sad and angry….”

not as hurtful as some

but still

I am left wondering


What is it that I

won’t hear, can’t hear

when do I choose to stick my fingers in my ears

close my eyes tight

departing the conversation 

unwilling to seek understanding

look for a modicum of truth, common ground

blind to the heart of the person speaking, posting

choosing to not give the benefit of the doubt

rather ascribing certain, often unflattering, motivations—


Search me God, know my heart, and show me 

what I do not, will not, don’t want to see in me

in the world, and lead me

onto the pathways of justice, righteousness,

lovingkindness and truth. 

(Last stanza adapted from Psalm 139:23-24, 89:14)



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