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Preparing for 2021

Here is an aid for your personal preparation for 2021. It is not about losing weight or exercising more but seeking to name and embrace God invitations so you can more fully partner with God and live Jesus in the new year.


A Reflection (preparing your heart to partner with God in 2021)


As a new year is beginning to dawn take some time to consider the following:


In the coming yearó


What is your prayer(s) for the World?

What is your prayer(s) for the Country?

What is your prayer(s) for the Church?

What is your prayer(s) for your community?

What is your prayer(s) for your church?

What is your prayer(s) for your family?

What is your prayer(s) for your life?


What themes do you see emerging in these prayers? How do these prayers/themes align with the greater themes of Godís Kingdom coming, Godís will be done on earth as it is in heaven? What alignment is there with your prayers/themes with Godís heart for justice and concern for the poor, prisoners, the blind, the oppressed, widows and orphans? What is one area of injustice that you sense God inviting you to focus your attention on in 2021? 


In what ways will you seek to partner with God in answering these prayers? What might that look like in terms of the use of your time, your material resources, your level of influence, your social media presence? Who is already involved in some of those issues/themes that emerged in your prayers that you can support, learn from, partner with? 

May your knowledge of God's love for you and presence with you/within you continue to deepen and expand in 2021 and be the fuel that powers your lifeóyour love for God and others. 


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