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I will be hosting an online gathering for spiritual directors on Tuesday, March 24 @ 10 am PST. We will use zoom. This will be an informal gathering to give spiritual directors a chance to share what we are noticing within ourselves and in those with whom we journey formally and informally. What are some consistent themes, feelings, that you are noticing? What might be some of the challenges of being a spiritual director in this season? What have you found helpful in terms of resources, poems, songs…?


The meeting will last about 75 minutes and if you are interested send me an email (larry@b-ing.org) or IM me on facebook and I will send you a zoom link to use so you can be a part of the meeting.


There is no charge for this. 


The idea is to gather to support and encourage one another as we move through this time of ever shifting realties—a time of uncertainty and disorientation—that helps us to journey with others who are doing the same.

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