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A Gosepl Reflection

Below you will find one of the reflections from the book I am currently working. The book is entitled; Seeing Jesus with New Eyes. As you will discover the reflection includes the passage that inspired this particular reflection as well as questions that help you to interact with the reflection. 


The questions following the reflection are providing as prompts designed to help you reflect and ponder and not to be viewed as an assignment to be completed. 

These questions may inspire additional questions, prompted by the Holy Spirit, during your time of reflection and I would strongly encourage you to pay attention to those additional questions if they arise. 

You are encouraged to journal as you reflect on the reflection as this provides a snap shot of what you and God where up to during this time, a record of what you sensed was coming from God. Entered into your journaling with a creative playfulness—forget about spelling, punctuation—feel free to color outside the lines. The practice of play journaling can lead to further and even deeper insights/knowings. 


BOOK UPDATE: I have now completed over 110 reflections (goal is 150 of which 125 will be chosen). The release date is early December. 


May the following reflection be used by God to help you to see Jesus with new eyes, to open to Jesus in new and deepening ways, to love Jesus more fully and follow Jesus with great boldness and courage.


Jesus 2.0—Upgrade my Jesus? (Colossians 1:15-20, Romans 11:33-36)


Is it time for a system upgrade?

Updates are available,

new capacities, capabilities

waiting, beckoning, calling.


I hesitate, 

horror stories of current programs unsupported,

favorite applications incompatible,

regular procedures rearranged.


I like my tried and true 

operating system, interface,

existing configurations.

No need to change!


Seeking refuge in the status quo, 

comfort in God’s word, my theology,

Jesus the same, 

yesterday, today and forever!


I click not now.


Ignore the infinite reality,

God’s incomprehensible character,

the unexplored depths,

riches, wisdom and knowledge of God. 

Unable to fathom the more. 


I like my current Jesus,

comfortable and knowable, 

working just fine.

No surprises, no ambiguity. 


No upgrade needed.



How is your understanding of Jesus, fully God and fully man continuing to expand and deepen? How do you see and understand Jesus differently than you need five years ago, one year ago? How are your feelings about Jesus, your perception of Jesus changing? Do you tend to view Jesus as fully man or fully God? Why? What might it look like for you begin to hold these twin realities as both/and rather than separate—opening to the transcendent Jesus (see Revelation 1:9-20) and the Jesus who made his home among us?


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