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Journey with Grief

It is here! I am happy to inform you that the ebook version of  Journey with Grief is now available to pre-order. The pre-order price of Journey with Grief is $6.27—the date of Nathan’s birthday.  The ebook will be released on 10/11 and after that the price will go up to $9.35. The paperback will be available for purchase on 10/15. 


Here is a blurb about the book:


In this small but powerful book, spiritual director Larry Warner thoughtfully and sacrificially opens his soul, gently bringing the reader along on a journey through grief. His story is unique to him, but many of the emotions he suffered and the insights he gained are universal.


This book is divided into two sections: a helpful comfort for the grieving, and a guide for those who choose to travel with them. 


·     Part One is an explicit, honest description of the abyss that is grief. This section helps to normalize the unprecedented and unpredictable behaviors of grief, encouraging freedom and honesty in the processing of the pain, and offering timely glimmers of hope.


·     Part Two is a straight-forward manual for walking with someone through the abyss: simple, sensible and direct. The role of comforter is not to be taken on lightly; the journey is often long and difficult, but the ministry of presence is profoundly meaningful.


This book gives people permission to grieve as they can and as they must while also equipping others to come alongside those who are hurting in ways that promote healing. This is a book for those who are suffering loss and for those who desire to be a help to those walking through their first year of grief.

Click on  Journey with Grief to pre-order the ebook.

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