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Creativity and You

Are you creative? Before you answer that let me assure you that you are creative more creative than you can even imagine. You were made to be creative and until others things began to weigh on you the opinion of others, the need to do it well, comparing yourself with others you were creative. As a child there is this innate freedom to be creative. They paint, sing, and dance, among other things, with abandonment and an effervescent, contagious joy that can even awaken the dormant creativity within another.

You were created in the image of God and so are like God AND the first and foremost image we have of God is as creator - ergo, you are creative. Sadly though you may no longer be free to be creative. As one grows up they often become shackled by the expectations of others, the perceived need to perform well, fearing what others may think or say about them. You may no longer feel the inner freedom to be creative.

I see this especially played out with others and myself at wedding receptions. If there are children attending, as soon as the music starts, they are out on the dance floor - how can they not be there is music, laughter, smiling faces. However, many of the adults, unless they can dance, are spectators glued to their seats by their fears rather than just getting out their and shaking their booty. Their God given creativity stifled.

What about you? Is there anything keeping you from realizing and embracing the creativity that is within you? If there is something keeping you back from being creative what would it look like to invite God into that space so together you might be able to be free to create?

Now to those of you who are creative, are you stuck, stifled in your creativity judgmental of your on work, fearful to venture out of the current comfort of your creative confines and try something new? What would it look like to breakout of the creative box you have made into a safe haven and begin to dream, take chances, try something new? What keeps your creativity from expanding? What would it look like to invite God into that space?

Where do you go from here? I actually do not know but I will tell you what I did - I started dancing at weddings. I still stink as a dancer, my moves are wooden and contained but I am out there and it is fun and freeing. Also, I have found the more I do it the freer I have become to be me in other venues. What would it mean for you to step out on your own dance floor and take a spin trusting God and the process? If you have been reading this with openness to the Spirit of God, then I think you already know what your next step I; what dance floor is God is inviting you onto? So come on and join me the music is just starting.

NOTE: When I say you are creative please do not misunderstand me and think this means you will be good as you embrace and free the creativity within you. You may be, but I am not saying you will be. What I am saying is that as you allow your creativity to bubble to the surface it will be life giving, life enriching, it will be a place of connection with God, another form of prayer, it will open you up to yourself, God and others in new ways and it is great fun.
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