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Slowing Down

Although time is fleeting and time flies and time waits for no one - what if we decided to slow down and let time relentlessly march forward without us – extricating ourselves from the demands of time?

What would it look like to become one who lingers, savors, dawdles and dillydallies through life?

What if we learned to relish, cherish and treasure life, creation, one another?

What if we took up loitering, adopted the breakneck pace of ambling, wandering, meandering and for the more advanced, moseying?

What might that look like? What might that pace do to our soul, our spirit? What might it garner within? How might it help us connect with God, ourselves and one another, enabling us to creatively respond to and unhurriedly be in the midst of the hectic and harried realities of life?

What if we slowed down to a stroll, becoming glacial in our movements as we saunter our way through life?

What if we made our daily goal:

*walking slowly, bowing often, keeping our mind on what matters, which is our work, which is mostly standing around and learning to be astonished.

What might our lives look like? What number of burning bushes might we become aware of? How often might we actually hear the life giving and sustaining voice of God calling us beloved?

*Two lines from ”Thirst” a collection of poems by Mary Oliver - When I am among Trees and Messenger.

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